My shawl ring collection is designed for scarves of bigger formats and heavier materials, such as Hermès cashmere shawls (CSGMs), cashmere 90 Carrés (CSPMs) and Mousseline shawls (GMs). They also work beautifully with silk twill 90 Carrés, allowing to wear them in loose and draped styles. Please see the right hand column for examples and how-to's.

Each shawl ring is made of 100% natural materials, they come in various shades of natural horn, as well as ebony and rosewood. All rings are handcrafted by highly skilled traditional artisans and finished off carefully with completely smooth surfaces, round edges and a high polish.

Please note that these are handcarved items, made from natural materials. No two rings will ever be the same, each one has it's own beauty and characteristics. The colour varies from ring to ring, as does the contrast and shading, and the shape has minimal variations too. This is what makes them special, and they will never have the regularity of machine made items, or man made materials.